How to make a transparent widget

  • ice48623


    I wanted some of my widget to be transparent.



    Well, let’s start with your login box, and see if we can get it working on just that one… then the process will be the same for others.

    If you use firebug, and inspect your login widget, you will see it has an id of wp_sidebarlogin-6. So, we would need to create something like this in our child theme style.css file.

    #wp_sidebarlogin-6 {
    filter:alpha(opacity=40); /* For IE8 and earlier */



    What is firebug, and can I put this code to custom css



    Yes, you can add it to your custom css.

    See this video regarding firebug: (you can thank me after you understand how to use it)



    Nothing happen.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Now it says your site is in maintenance mode for the next month, so it is really difficult to help.



    Ok I will open it, please help.



    I’ve already explained it. For your Polls widget, add this to your custom CSS box:

    #polls-widget-3 {
    filter:alpha(opacity=40); /* For IE8 and earlier */

    Make sure to refresh your browser and clear the cache.



    Still not thing happen.



    Where are you placing the code?

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