How to list post of the current category in sidebar for each cat on the hmenu?

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    Hi, it is a long time I’m looking for a solution. There is a widget but we have to add shortcode, changing template..

    I’m not so easy in php. So I would like to know if you have ideas and especially which ones? ;o)

    I guess it is not far from the archive.php template but this means that I’ve to have a modified archive.php template for each category menu from the sidebar?

    Moreover, (shame on me), I don’t manage to create a child theme of graphene. I’ve still checked in the doc and my style.css is correct. ..




    Syahir Hakim


    I still think using plugin (such as List Category Posts) is the easiest way to achieve that. Of course there are other ways to achieve exactly what you want, but it won’t be any easier particularly if you’re not familiar with PHP and how WordPress works under the hood.



    Thanks for your reply! I’ve effectively installed List Category Posts but I don’t know how to use it.. It is about shortcode to insert in the content of the post. But when I see the widget, we have to fill the name of the cat, the title…. So what with the shortcode.

    For the moment, the widget lists on all the pages the posts of the category I’ve filled inside the widget (in another words, the same menu on each page). …??

    Thanks in advance!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try the instructions for the widget (which link from the plugin directory page linked above).

    They seem fairly straightforward, but some might want to try Google Translate.




    Thanks Ken! I’ll try that!


    Keep you in touch,


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