How to link to different positions within a page?

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    The Graphene theme allows you to make any text into a link to a particular page on your website. But can you make it link to a particular POSITION within a page?

    Say, for example, I have some text in which I make reference to a particular paper listed in my Bibliography that is on another page. Can I make the link not only go to the Bibliography page, but also go to the specific line on that page that lists the paper I am referring to?


    Kenneth John Odle


    The short answer is yes, you can. The long answer is that you will need to use the HTML editor. Surround the text you want to link to with anchor name tags, like this:

    <a name="link1">Paper that I'm linking to</a>

    (This will appear as normal text.)

    To link to that location, you’ll need to use a link like this:

    <a href="">Read this paper</a>

    You can read this page for more information:

    and this one:

    Like I said, you’ll need to use the HTML editor, which I don’t often use, so this is untested. YMMV.



    And you might also wish to give my plugin a try. It allows you to use “anchors” through a visual editor rather than having to type out the HTML. You can test-drive it by clicking the link just below my post… “Ultimate Tinymce”.



    Thanks, Kenneth and Josh, for your help; I got the links to work properly. After a little trial-and-error, it turns out that the correct way to write the HTML code to reference a particular line on another page turned out to be:

    <a href=">Read this paper</a>

    Apparently, I don’t need to include the “.html”. In fact it doesn’t work if I include it. Anyway, thanks again.

    P.S. What does “YMMV” mean?



    Haha… Ken is the acronym king on this site!!

    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

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