How to link a blog post to a page in the homepage?

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    How can i link a blog post to a page in the homepage? I would like the read more tag of blog posts at the homepage links to a page like in the demo site Can i use the “Page Links To” plugin for making it possible?

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    Kenneth John Odle


    Posts and pages are separate things in WordPress.

    If you are talking about the four links at the bottom with images, those are homepage pages. You must be using a static front page in order to activate them.

    Set up a static home page.

    Then, activate and set up homepage panes:

    Graphene Options >> General Options >> Homepage Panes

    Make sure the box labeled “Disable homepage panes” is NOT ticked.

    “Type of content to show” — select “Posts and/or pages”

    In the box labeled “Posts and/or pages to display” add the ID numbers of the pages you would like to display.

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