How to insert Javascript code for a single page

  • garyc


    Hi guys,

    I’d like to show my eBay listings on my ‘For Sale’ page of

    instead of the manually coded list I have now.

    I’ve chosen a plugin called ‘Auction Nudge’, which seems the most basic and

    functional plugin out there to do this. The eBay listing can be called into the page

    with a shortcode, but I’m at a loss as to how (and where) I insert the generated

    Javascript code that is given when I prompt the plugin with my eBay user ID.

    I only need the list on my for sale page:

    How to I ‘get into’ just that page in my Graphene Child Theme to drop the

    code into the <body>….</body> area??

    Sorry, I am such a klutz at all this.




    Kenneth John Odle


    Does it create an issue if it’s inserted on every page?



    Hi Kenneth

    I wouldn’t have thought so? I guess it’s just there and it’s called if it’s needed by any shortcode on the page itself? Not sure,

    I don’t even know what Javascript is, to be fair.



    Kenneth John Odle

    I’m at a loss as to how (and where) I insert the generated

    Javascript code that is given when I prompt the plugin with my eBay user ID

    If it doesn’t matter whether it’s on every page, then you can go to:

    Graphene Options >> Advanced Options >> Custom <head> Tags

    and insert it there.



    Hi Kenneth

    Pasting the (long) code snippet into that box looks odd as the text runs out of the box and crashes

    onto the r/h box about Documentation Wiki, etc. If I click ‘save’, it says ‘Options Saved’, but then going to

    my page and putting in the shortcode:

    [auction-nudge tool=”listings”]

    doesn’t make the listing appear.

    Not sure whether I’m doing this right, maybe I should ask the dev of the plugin?



    Kenneth John Odle


    What page should we be seeing this on?



    Hi Kenneth,

    Sorry, I’ve wiped it for now, because I got frustrated that it wasn’t working and went

    back to the normal page. I was trying it out at

    I think I might avoid Javascript, it never works for me and always causes problems.

    Thank you for having a look.



    Kenneth John Odle

    Javascript…it never works for me and always causes problems

    I believe that’s the JavaScript coder’s motto, lol.

    Check the documentation on the plugin. If the JavaScript is supposed to go into the <head> element, the above should work. If it’s supposed to go at the end of the <body> element, we’d need to try something different.




    Actually, it now works! I was being a bit of an idiot and hadn’t scrolled down when I was

    looking at the admin area for that precise page. The plugin load a clear admin area of its own,

    you just tick a few things, drop the code into another area and it just works.

    I’m quite pleased with it, although it’s a very basic thing I’ve seen on a million websites, it will

    cut out a lot of work for me. I can just list tools on eBay, but people will still get some tools to

    look at if they come to my site first. All good.

    Thanks again.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Nicely done! I may have to try that one in the future.




    Have just posted another question. All my nav bars on the mobile version are

    different to main ‘desktop’ site now? Argh. How do I change these?



    Got it. ‘Manage Locations’. Thanks

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