How to increase single post font style and size using Text Style Options

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    I need to increase single post font size and font style. There is option in theme option but could not change the final output. Could you please suggest ways to changes and increase font style using built in Text Style Options?





    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Text Style Options >> “Content Text”

    In the box labeled “Text Size”, add a text size and be sure to include a unit like “px” or “em”.

    Not sure what you mean by “font style”.

    If your changes don’t appear, flush your browser and server caches.

    If all that doesn’t work, please include a link to your site.



    Sorry, it Text Font. However, when I put 11px in text size the text turns into following screenshot. what should i do now?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You are embedding a link to a web page (rather than a web image) in the img tag here in the forum, hence your screenshots are not showing up. I have corrected your last one for you.

    Judging by the screenshot, it looks like you have 110px in that box, or you are using custom CSS somewhere else that is overriding it. I cannot tell for certain without a link to your site.



    Here is my link: []

    I did not add any css file. I was just trying to increase font size, but it did not work.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am looking at your site right now and don’t see anything entered in that “Content Text” box.

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