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    Many thanks again for the great theme!

    I am slowly getting my head round the CSS side of things, and have managed to create a Child Theme (I guess I will find out whether it work at the next update!).

    This is probably really basic, but how can I ‘hide’ the site title so that it doesn’t show in the header (as have a header image with a graphical title) but does show in the HTML?

    Also, not sure if this is theme related, but do you know of an easy way for me to change the main URL to remove the /blog/ that is on the end? I tried to do it in the WP general settings and gave myself a big scare by effectively disabling the site! This might be more a WP forum question though, perhaps?

    Many thanks in advance,




    I know this one 🙂

    Appearance – Header, near the bottom of the page “Display Text” select “No”




    Excellent! Many thanks for that.

    So many options all over the place it can be easy to miss some!

    Best wishes,





    I know what you mean. The inconsistency of the menus/addins/settings screens is my biggest criticism of wordpress (like I’m an expert having been using it a week!)

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