How to hide breadcrumb on home page only?

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    OMG I just tried this and it worked…I just needed to get rid of the space at line 36 in my functions.php file. Ugh. Hours of disabling plugins for nothing 🙂 Seems ok now.



    I don’t get it…it just showed up again on the home page.

    And on interior pages, now there is a > 1 (for example) after the name of the page.

    I don’t think I changed any code or nav settings…maybe I just didn’t notice it before but

    I can’t see why Home is back on the home page (breadcrumb I mean, which with your code above I had removed) and why now there is a > 1 after the actual page name?

    Any ideas? Im using Breadcrumb NavTXT. I don’t want the breadcrumb on the home page and I don’t want it to show the > 1 after the page name. I cant imagine what I changed that made this happen. I installed Widget Logic. Don’t think I changed any navigation kinds of options. Ugh 🙂



    Interesting, I’d de-activated the plug in “category overlaod” because I didn’t think I was using it, and once I re-activated it, the >1 went away on the interior pages in the breadcrumb trail. But I still have the Home breadcrumb trail on the home page and don’t want it there. I don’t get it…it wasn’t there last I looked and now back again.

    My child theme’s functions file is:

    function graphene_slider_post_types(){
    return array('post', 'page');
    add_filter( 'graphene_slider_post_type', 'graphene_slider_post_types' );
    // attaches the function my_post_nav to the hook graphene_post_nav
    add_action ('graphene_after_post_content', 'my_post_nav');

    // our function
    function my_post_nav(){

    // this will allow us to use other hooks but still only show on single posts
    if ( is_single() && ! is_page() ) : ?>
    <div id="my-post-nav"> <!-- div to contain your links -->
    <?php previous_post_link_plus( array(
    'order_by' => 'menu_order',
    'loop' => false,
    'max_length' => 0,
    'tooltip' => 'Previous page',
    'in_same_cat' => true,
    'ex_cats' => '12'
    ) );?> |
    <?php next_post_link_plus( array(
    'order_by' => 'menu_order',
    'loop' => false,
    'max_length' => 0,
    'tooltip' => 'Next page',
    'in_same_cat' => true,
    'ex_cats' => '12'
    ) );?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php } ?>
    * these next two remove the graphene breadcrumb and then add one
    * which does not appear on the home page

    // has to be called after the action is added
    add_action ('after_setup_theme', 'wmrt_remove_graphene_bc');
    function wmrt_remove_graphene_bc() {
    remove_action ('graphene_top_content', 'graphene_breadcrumb_navxt');

    add_action('graphene_top_content', 'wmrt_breadcrumb_navxt');
    function wmrt_breadcrumb_navxt () {
    //by calling this at this point is_home() works!
    if ((function_exists('bcn_display')) && (!(is_home()))) {
    echo '<div class="breadcrumb">';
    echo '</div>';

    Syahir Hakim


    Change this line:

    if ((function_exists('bcn_display')) && (!(is_home()))) {

    to this:

    if ((function_exists('bcn_display')) && (!(is_front_page()))) {



    Yes, that did it, THANK YOU!

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