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    Josh…just to reiterate….ALL car posts get assigned to “cars”. And car posts that I want to appear on the front page…assign them to both “carsfront” and “cars”. Then make sure “carsfront” is included…and “cars” is excluded…correct?



    Well, if they already all get assigned to cars… that’s fine. But, create a new category (“carsfront”), and assign only the car posts you want to display on the front page to the “carsfront” category.

    But you have to make sure the front page options is set to display the “carsfront” category and not the “cars” category.

    So, every car post will be assigned to cars, so when you click the “cars” category, you get all the car posts. THEN, each car post you want on the front page will ALSO be assigned to the “carsfront” category, which gets displayed on the homepage via the front page options.



    Josh, Thanks for your help…but I don’t think I can accomplish what I want with this method.

    Here’s my problem…sticking with the cars example. Lets say all my car posts are under the category “cars”. Now, I’m going to have a “car of the day” category…and I want this category to be hidden from the front page. So, I might have 10 posts under the “cars” category….and one post which will be the car of the day. This post will have two categories….”cars” and “car of the day”. If I exclude the “car of the day” category from the front page….the post still shows up…because it is also associated with the “cars” category.

    Note – I want the “car of the day” post to have both categories….because I want it to show up in the results when someone views the “cars” category archives… well as the “car of the day” category archives.



    Why don’t you just create a category called “frontpageposts” and set graphene to ONLY display posts from that category on the front page.

    Then, whatever posts you want to display on the front page, you can keep the current category structure, but also assign them to the “frontpageposts” category.



    Try this plugin – WP Hide Post –

    I think it’s what you’re looking for..

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