How to have more than 5 posts in the slideshow?

  • Anonymous


    In the admin, it said that all the posts from a specified category can be shown in the slideshow. So it supposes no limit… I need more posts on the slideshow..

    Thanks for the help!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene Options >> Slider Options >> “Number of posts to display”

    Of course, if you limit it to certain categories, the number of posts in that category is also a limiting factor. For example, if only posts in category “Slider” are to show in the slider, and I have set “Number of posts to display” to 15, then up to 15 of those posts will appear. But if I only have four posts in the category “Slider”, then only those four posts will show up in the slider.

    Without a link to your site it is difficult to be more specific. Hope this helps.


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