How to have full-width featured post above homepage panes

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    Can anyone suggest a way to have on the home page both a featured post that spans the entire width of the main content area and then a two-column layout under it with X number of posts? Right now, I am using homepage panes for the two-column section and a static home page called Home for the featured post (or what I’m calling the Top Story). But it is way too tedious to change the content of the Home page every time I want a new Top Story. I could use the slider for the featured post but I don’t want to have to do an appropriate sized graphic for each featured post. Would appreciate any suggestions. The website is Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You could probably achieve this with a child theme. How much PHP, HTML, and CSS do you know?

    Right now, how are you designating a “featured” post? By adding it to a category or with a tag? You will need to use some method to indicate to WP that a post is “featured”.



    I use a child theme and capable with HTML and CSS. Not so much with PHP but I can figure it out with some help. The featured post is not being designated with either a category or tag right now but I can use either. I’m using a category to designate the homepage panes but the ‘featured post’ is simply a cut and paste of a post that is not in the homepage pane category.

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