How to get this gray box around all my images ?

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    Hello, I need help one more time. I want to know how I can get this box/gray border of all the images of all the post, because adsense is on top of this gray border. Has some CSS code that I can do this? Please we need much that the image is without substance. Thank you

    See the image:


    Other ask pls, what is this <<< Other ask pls, what is this



    Do you want to remove gray border and background around images? If so, add this to Custom CSS under Graphene Display Options.

    .wp-caption {
    background: none !important;
    border: none !important;

    Regarding your second question, if you are using AddThis or Sharethis plugin, it appends some random characters to the URL for tracking purpose. You can disable it in that plugin settings.



    Prasanna, It is very good for people like me, beginners on sites that may have a good theme of quality and of course be treated well. Thank you for help and I hope I always count on you. Was perfect what you taught me and is working very well. Thank you once again.

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