How to get Slider Excerpt to just show post title.

  • lesel


    I tried this and its ok but I only need the Post Title to show up in slider excerpt for now. Thank You

    function graphene_custom_slider_excerpt_length(){
    graphene_set_excerpt_length( 35 );
    add_action( 'graphene_before_slider', 'graphene_custom_slider_excerpt_length' );

    Kenneth John Odle


    Use CSS to hide the rest of the slider content.

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    Put code in between backtick (


    ) characters. It’s usually located above the Tab key on your keyboard. I have fixed this for you.



    Try adding this to Custom CSS.

    .slider_post_entry p {
    display: none;

    Link to your site?

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