how to get ride of "powered by WP etc…"

  • Ajaz Khan


    At the bottom of the page it says powered by WP and Graphene theme, how do i remove this





    Add this to custom css, (Graphene options –> Display –> Custom CSS)

    #developer {
    display: none;

    Ajaz Khan


    Hi Prasanna

    Thank you so much, it has been removed now.

    Are you familiar with the WP-Ecommerce plugin, I am having some initial set up problems and could use the help.

    Look forward to hearing from you.




    Sorry, I haven’t used WP e-commerce plugin. So I’ve no idea about how it works.

    This plugin has been discussed a lot of times in this forum. So look around for a while. There may be a solution for your problem.

    You could try this plugin instead – WordPress eCommerce MarketPress :

    It looks much better than WP e-commerce, and it has a good rating too..

    Ajaz Khan


    Hi Prasanna, and the members of the forum

    Do you have experience with it, I just installed it and have a few questions, I am using the Graphene Theme and getting this message


    ERROR: You must supply the post ID to get the image from as an argument when calling the graphene_get_post_image() function.

    any idea what this is ?

    Ajaz Khan


    Here the admin people on the site have shown a way to solve the issue by creating a child theme and inserting 2 php files.

    Read and follow, it works.

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