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    I’ve set a separate page to display my posts. But what I see on the bottom is ugly “Starsze posty &laquo” (Older posts &laquo).

    What is more, when I click it I get once again “Older posts &laquo” and “» Brak postów” (No posts or whatever it is in english translation) on the second, third and so on page…

    How to make it look correctly and fix no posts while there are posts 😛


    Syahir Hakim


    Which page is this happening on?



    direct link:

    Page 2:

    “Brak postów” means “No posts”



    Did you hack the parent theme? Because Graphene is XHTML 1.0 Strict and yours’ is XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

    Also, your page source shows this,

    <p class="previous"><a href="" >Starsze posty &laquo</a></p>

    This should be

    <p class="previous"><a href="" >Starsze posty &[no_space]laquo;</a></p>

    It is a translation error. I think you are using Polish language. And, it is missing a ; after laquo

    #: includes/theme-loop.php:137
    msgid "Older posts &[no_space]laquo;"
    msgstr "Starsze posty &laquo"

    (pl_PL.po line no. 2220)

    Notice that there is no ; after Starsze posty &laquo. Using POEdit, change Starsze posty &laquo to Starsze posty &[no_space]laquo; and update language files.

    Who is maintaining the Polish language translation for Graphene theme?

    Note: I’ve added [no_space] to stop bbPress from rendering it as «. Please remove [no_space] while updating the language files.



    Yay! Fixing .po file did it! I don’t know who is maintaining it, but I can start to do it 🙂

    I changed it back to strict, probably second person taking care of this website did it.

    Now there’s another translation error, in .po file there is

    Continue reading »

    translated into

    Kontynuuj czytanie »

    but on site I see

    Continue reading (post title) »


    You can see it here: at the second post.

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