How to get rid of extra space?

  • raindance



    Somehow I’ve got extra space just below my breadcrumbs and just above the footer

    Can you tell me how to get rid of these please? I want that extra grey space not to be there.

    Thanks in advance!



    @ Raindance

    This is the background color of your “#content_main” css style. Posts are “placed” on this background. So, it’s going to be hard to get rid of the lines completely where you are talking about.

    Also, it’s important to note this is the same color of the little area directly above the first post on your pages and below the menu.

    You can change the color by adding a property to the css element mentioned above, such as “background-color:white;”.

    You will still have the little breadcrumb line… but this should get you one step closer to your ultimate goal 😉

    Hope this helps!!



    Thanks so much…but it’s strange because it hasn’t been there until today. I installed some social bookmarking plugins and it showed up….I deactivated them but the space didn’t go away. They only just showed up today after I did that so I know they don’t need to be there. Something created it and I can’t figure out what to undo it.

    Any other ideas to track down and tighten up that space?



    You’re welcome.

    Ok, maybe we can adjust the margin of your footer.

    Find “#footer” in your .css file. Add this property… margin-top: -5px;

    You will want to look around your site and see if this causes other layout problems after you have made the change. Hopefully, it won’t 🙂

    Let me know how this works for you!!



    Yeah I’d played with that one and just did again…no impact.

    Darn…don’t know what I did. It looked fine before.

    Any other ideas?




    Interesting. I made the adjustment using firebug, and the footer was correctly moved up by 5px. Maybe my recommendation isn’t the solution you are looking for? Because it should work.

    What was the plugin you installed that made the adjustment orginally?



    Really?? Weird. So maybe whatever I installed is creating a conflict…or I changed something in my child theme css which is the issue. I’ve been making tons of changes today. I don’t know which one did it…I was trying out about 30 plugins! Ugh. Hmmm. I’m not sure which one I had installed or which css changes I made just before that happened. I’ll try to track back but…I don’t think I’ll know.

    Thanks for trying it…I appreciate it.



    lmao. I know exactly what you mean!!

    I’m new to child themes.. but will be doing some research over the next few days. After this last update, I had to make a lot of changes to my .css, and I only want to have to do that one more time!

    If you want to email me a copy of the .css file, and child .css files, I’ll be happy to look it over and see if I can find a conflict.



    @ Raindance,

    In your post here…

    How do you add the areas where you post your code? I like it because I can highlight it with my mouse and copy and paste. Is that a program?

    I’m somewhat new to blogging… so forgive me 😉



    That’s really sweet, thanks.

    Yeah I must say Ken (prevalent and helpful here, thanks Ken) insisted I learn child themes and I’m so glad I did. It’s worth it. I tested it out on this last update and didn’t lose anything 🙂

    Check out these references sent to me:

    And here is what Ken sent to learn about child themes if you’re going to dig into that. Not that hard once you get your brain around it.

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