How to get my admin for membership section back?

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    Hi everyone i got a major problem and a favor to ask, ive done some work on the graphene theme and so the new theme came out and ive updated it from the previous to the latest version my members section totally blank now and im in so much trouble because ive being struggling to get it back since last week already, there was a backup made but where in the graphene theme section or what files must I overwrite to make it again visible and workable, previous guys worked on the website.

    The one done the front-end and the one done the membership back-end both have permission to login on their own profile

    I always used the front-end and never the back-end but i think when wordpress 3.9 came out ive updated the wordpress,but I downgrade it to wordpress 3.8.3 and I overwrote the files completely but there is a backup though.

    I spoke to the to person who done the back-end but she replied:

    The edits I made are all within the Graphene theme folder. It looks like changes may have been made to the/member-profile/ page so it may be that the template for that page was changed

    Im using wordpress 3.9.1 and graphene.1.9.2 (latest versions)

    I just want to know what files to overwrite to make the section work again.

    I willl appreciate it to the at-most if anyone can help me fix this. Thanks in advance.

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