how to get image to show up only in slider, not in header of indiv. post page

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    This is re how to get photos on your slider as in my site at:

    Here are the instructions that I typed for myself. This will make the photo show up ONLY in the slider. Your individual post page will show your main header, not the featured image.

    Steps for adding a featured image that only shows up in the slider. This featured image will NOT replace your header on your blog page. It only shows up as a featured image in a slider.

    First, DO NOT add a featured image by clicking on the featured image box on your main page for that post. If you do, that will make the featured image override the custom header for that blog post page.

    Go to your post for which you want to add a picture in the slider.

    Remove any existing featured image by clicking on the “featured Image” section in your dashboard for that blog post.

    click Update

    Click on the little icon of a photo. It’s right above the text box for the text of your post. Upload the photo that you want.

    This brings up the editing screen for that photo. Crop or do whatever you need to do to the photo here.

    Then click ONLY the text that says “use as featured image.”

    then click “save all changes”

    Click the top corner X to exit out of the photo management page

    Then click the blue “Update” button under Publish.

    To recap, if you want to avoid the featured image overriding your custom header on the individual blog post page, you cannot take a short cut and use the “featured image” box on your main post page. You must manually upload the photo only by using the little photo icon at the top of your text for your blog post. (To make things more confusing, your photo will show up as a little thumbnail in the “featured image” section of your editing screen, but just leave it alone!)


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the notes!

    Actually, the latest version now have an option which will prevent the Featured Image from replacing the main header altogether, regardless of the size, so you can actually straight away upload the featured image using the Featured Image box in the Edit Post screen.

    In the latest version, in Graphene Display options page, tick the Disable Featured Image replacing header image option under Header Display Options.



    I wish we were brave enough to download the updated version! This was our first WordPress experience. Unfortunately, we modified your theme just a bit. We made a few changes to colors and backgrounds. Soon after making a few changes, we realized it was important to create a child theme, so we did. Your theme was a great first experience. I spent hours (I’d say at least 20) investigating different themes, and yours seemed up-to-date and flexible. Maybe soon we’ll download the new theme offline and then modify our child theme and then upload both and have a site that is ready for future updates.

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