How to get image thumbnails to show up on excerpts?

  • CeeEee2


    On this page

    “The Raised Cap” entry is behaving correctly.

    So is “Live Area”.

    “Returns” is showing a thumbnail image in the excerpt, but the image is not on the page, so where is that image coming from?

    Then on this page

    All of these excerpts have an image on the page but it is not being displayed in the excerpt.

    It might inform the puzzle to know that I discovered a plugin called “Advanced Excerpt” that I have turned off because it was causing duplicate images on the page/post. But all those blank excepts did have the thumbnail displayed.

    Please help! Many thanks!



    Hi CeeEee2,

    To get the thumbnails in the excerpts, you need to use the “Featured Image” function. To get the image to show up in the post, you use the “Add Media” function. So, basically, if your using the excerpts you need to set two images for each post. One for the page (Add Media) and one for the excerpt (Featured Image). If you do that, you shouldn’t really need to use a plugin at all.

    That’s what I’ve done for my website, anyhow. Give it a go and see if it works for you. 🙂



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