How to enable [graphene_after_post_content] widget area only in posts and not in Excerpt

  • sghegde87



    I enabled the action hook in Graphene Options > Advanced. ‘Graphene After Post Content’ appears in Widgets setting page.

    When I insert a widget in this it appears after Post content.

    The Problem is:

    These widgets appear even in the ‘Excerpts’ whcih is not desired.

    Please help me to display this widget area only on posts (All posts) and not on Excerpts


    Shiva G


    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you have an example of this in action?

    It’s possible that if you changed your except length to a very long length, and your post is short enough, that your after post content widget would appear on the front page.

    Try something like this in custom CSS or child theme stylesheet:

    .home .graphene-dynamic-widget-graphene_after_post_content {display: none;}

    I may have targeted the wrong class for the widget area; you can play around with Firebug to pin down the correct one.

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