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    I’m new to wordpress and to javascript. I totaly love Graphene and it’s perfect for a webpage under development. But I need dropdown menus. How do I enable it? And where do I control it?


    Syahir Hakim


    Dropdown menu is already enabled by default. If you don’t set a Custom Menu using the WordPress’ Custom Menu function, the menu will display the pages as the menu items and their children will be the dropdown menu items.






    Just to clarify, is this right? The only way to get drop-down menus is to avoid setting any location in the dashboard section that reads:

    “Your theme supports 2 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.

    Header Menu

    Secondary Menu”

    When I have tried various combinations of single and double menus, I seem to lose the dropdown facility. In fact, I did not know dropdowns were possible because I just assumed I had to specify a location as told – I discovered them by accident when I installed a child theme.

    Basically, the dashboard is giving bad advice in its instructions to specify a location. I guess this is a problem with the dashboard itself and can’t be fixed at the theme level? Might be worth adding a warning to the theme’s documentation.





    Sorry, one more related question… Are dropdown sub-items only possible for sub-pages within the main site? Is it possible to have them point at custom links outside WordPress?




    Thanks for the awsomely fast response! (I probably should have looked a little harder before asking, I know).

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