How to disable child page excerpts?

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    I just upgraded from graphene 1.1.3 to 1.2.1, basically to get the wider pixel layout. However, I didn’t read the changelog carefully enough to realize that 1.2 added a child page excerpts at the bottom of the parent page display. As we have already built out the parent pages with now-redundant in-page links to the child pages right in the top section of the parent page (following a paragraph of introductory text), can we disable this new feature and preserve the original way of handling the page? Or I suppose the simpler thing to do is simply edit out my original in-page links, leaving just the intro paragraph with the now-automatic child excerpts below it? Actually, it would be best for me if I had a page-by-page choice of disabling the automatic child excerpts. Otherwise, I am using a child theme for my site so can I add a modified template (which one?) to accomplish this to my child folder?

    Or is this already a display option that I have overlooked on the new theme?



    What happens if You put a empty file named: loop-children.php

    in Your Graphene Child catalog!

    I think its corrected in next Graphene update 🙂




    Voila! Thank you!




    Remember to remove when updated 🙂


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