How to determine which one goes first in action hooks

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    Hi guys, can anybody help me because I can’t place the certain functions in which I want them to be. When I used the action hook after post content how do I put it exactly right after the post? I have related posts and seo search terms tagging above it? This is the format

    article>other search terms> related post > after post action hook (addthis)

    Check this to see it

    I want to place the addthis button right after the article but I can’t seem to find a way to do that? this is what I think looks better.

    article> action hook > related post > other search terms

    Any help on how I can do that? Thanks..



    Drag the social sharing widget and drop it before related posts.



    My current setting is to the plug in to automatically add the two plug ins after each post (except the addthis). So I should add them manually to control their placement is that correct? thank you..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes. If you can add them via a widget, just add them to the action hook widget area and then drag them to rearrange them.



    What hook have you checked on the graphene options?

    graphene_after_post_content comes right after the content then followed by graphene_post_footer


    -graphene_after_post_content <- have you tried adding “addthis” code here?




    Your 2 plugins seem to be hooked just right after the content. It would be better to manually add the code of the “Related Posts for WordPress” plugin.


    -AddThis Code


    -Related Posts for WordPress Code

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