How to delete "verwendet das Theme Graphene von Syahir Hakim","valid xhtml",&quo

  • taractrit



    how can I delete this sentence of my webspace: “verwendet das Theme Graphene von Syahir Hakim”?

    How can I delete this 2 buttons “valid xhtml” and “valid css”

    They are all at the bottom of my webspace



    This just might help You:


    Put in the Custom CSS section of the Graphene Options else Child Theme: style.css 🙂




    Thank you very much! I’ve deleted the buttons. But not the sentence : “verwendet das Theme Graphene von Syahir Hakim”? How I can do it?



    Add the ‘display: none;’ attribute to the #developer div in the main CSS file, that should work!


    Syahir Hakim


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