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    please help me! How I can remove this messagehttp: ” // ” from here? I did a mistake entering here URLs with errors. Now they will be found by searching machines

    Thank you in advance!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I delinked them and marked them as code, which means search engines shouldn’t find them.



    Please delete them complete and also the main url (It will be also find by searching machines). I don´t like that somebody copy and enter them in the url adress line.



    Kenneth John Odle


    I am reluctant to delete the entire thread. This forum is meant to serve as a repository of help and knowledge, and it is possible that someone in the future will have your same question. Deleting the thread would, in my opinion, damage the integrity of the forum and its knowledge base.

    As I understand it, all the links on bbPress are “nofollow” anyway, so search engines shouldn’t index them even if I didn’t unlink them.

    I don´t like that somebody copy and enter them in the url adress line.

    Seriously, what is the chance of that happening? Even if they did, all they would get is a 404 error. Technically, I can type in your domain name followed by anything at all and still get a 404 error, but why would I want to?

    I am trying very hard to understand why this is an issue for you. What is the purpose of your site? All I see that it contains are images. Search engines shouldn’t see these links and the chances of someone entering them into an address bar must be infitisimally small.



    Please understand me: It’s our business site. At that moment message will be found under our name by searching machines.

    You can change for example all domains into……..

    But please delete our name in the domans. You do not have to delete the whole message, just our name.

    Please do that. It is very important for us. PLEASE. PLEASE!



    @Ken, this is his problem. If you search for taractrit on Google, the first result will be, “Error 404 – Page not found « Forum”



    Where is this thread? What the heck are you all talking about?



    (Prasanna, no, not my nickname is the problem. Please read above)

    This link: //



    Oh, I see now. I agree with Ken, what’s the big deal? How is one simple thread with only a few comments a hindrance to you? Is it affecting your website in some way?

    I’m not going to delete it either. (I’m the new kid on the block)

    Is there any one particular comment you’re concerned about on that thread? Perhaps we could “alter” it.



    Yes, please alter the domain name. You can put in an example domain(www.exampledomain… or so) without our name of company. Also this thread can not help other users, because the problem still exist. There is no solution for our problem.

    Why is it a problem just to change the URLs? I did a mistake to enter them here.

    It is important for us that you chnge them. PLEASE understand it.


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