How to delete default header images?

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    Before I switched to the child theme, I’d figured out how to delete the random header images but now that I’ve activated the child theme, they are all back again. I don’t mind having to upload all of my header images again for random rotation, but I want get rid of the default ones. I’ve deleted them on the server from the images/headers file in the theme folder but that didn’t seem to remove them from within the dashboard > headers section. I don’t see them in the media library.

    How to delete them please?

    Thanks again.



    I deleted them all from the theme > images > header folder, but now I have all the empty radio buttons in the header panel of the dashboard in the random section. I though that in the parent theme when I wrestled with this I finally got rid of them by simply deleting them in the media library. But this time (with the child theme) they aren’t appearing in the media library.

    So…how can I permanently and completely get rid of all of the default images/image paths/radio buttons next to the name of the default image but now no image there since I deleted them on the server?



    If I set one of the default images to be the header image then remove it as suggested in another post, it still doesn’t remove the radio button with the image name but no image. And if it’s not in the media library…I have no idea where else to delete it so my header image tab is only showing what I’ve uploaded.



    What about trying something like this but with the names for the Graphene images?


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s even easier than that. Just add this to your child theme’s functions.php file:

    function graphene_get_default_headers() {
    return 'None';



    You know as I was searching around I realized of course you would have a simple, elegant, clean solution. Thanks!



    I put it in my child theme functions file…it worked perfectly…thanks!



    Got it…once you upload more than one image, the random choice shows up again for your uploaded images…great. Thanks again!

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