how to create drop down menu to go only to child pages?

  • Suzannah


    Under services I want to list 5 separate pages each with their own title. Can I disable the Menu Word ‘Services’ but still keep it as a heading? i.e. so they only go to the 5 pages with specific titles below the word Services?

    i.e. Services is only an empty heading word & real pages are listed in drop down menu.

    Planning & Management


    Additional Support etc … Oh I hope this makes sense!! Thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle


    You are using a custom menu, right?

    Use a “Custom Link” for Services. Once you’ve added it to the menu, delete its URL. Save the menu. Mischief managed!

    Maybe I should do a tutorial on custom menu tricks sometime.



    Yes custom menu. Custom link …. hmmm could you give me a starting point for that please? I think I need to be pointed in the right direction and then I can figure it out. Thanks so much!!! You guys are always so great!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Give me a moment…



    OK I am a bit closer I added the url for the main page and then deleted it … so it is now called custom in the pages page but isn’t working. To what do I link the page please and thank you !




    Will do – have a great one!



    Great demo link, thanks. Followed it carefully but I wonder, should the Services Page still exist as a page? Still if click on Menu word it still goes to Services empty page. (I deleted it and put it back in again) Can you see what I’ve done wrong by any chance?

    thanks so much, suzannah


    Kenneth John Odle


    should the Services Page still exist as a page?

    Probably not. Remember, you set this up as a custom link, so technically speaking, there is nothing there at that menu item. If that page isn’t serving any useful purpose, I would delete it.

    Before you delete it, you might want to edit those child pages and make them “not child” pages. “No Parent” is the option you are going for.

    Um…can’t see the nav-menus.php without an admin login.



    Got it! Thank you very much for your patience, appreciate your help!!!

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