How to create a site version on second language

  • Tomy1734


    Hi all,

    I want to create a site version on second language and switching between languages via button on top bar. I saw several examples for this using auto translation. I don’t want to use this because translation is not fully correct. I prefer to have manually translated content of the posts and pages.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Some ideas:

    1) 2 blogs, one in first language, the other in another language, with a link in each post to its corresponding post in the other blog.

    2) 2 blogs, one in first language, the other in another language, with a link in the sidebar (or top bar or menu or in an absolutely positioned element) linking to the other blog.

    3) 1 blog, with one post in first language and another post in the second language.

    4) 1 blog, with one post, with content in first language, followed by content in the second language in the same post.

    I have seen examples of options #3 and #4.

    I don’t want to use this because translation is not fully correct.

    I actually use a Google translate widget on my blog and it’s not too bad, but anytime you get into something technical or esoteric, it does have issues. But it’s getting better (at least with regard to translating into or out of English–not so sure about between languages other than English).

    Let us know what you come up with.

    What would be really cool would be a button that would automatically replace the post content with its corresponding content in another language (using Ajax, maybe?), although this would leave all the menus and sidebar content in the first language.



    Thank you Kenneth,

    I think option #2 is more suitable for my case. In other side it seems option with using Google translate widget will be more easy for realization?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Well, using the Google translate is as simple as installing this plugin:

    But like I said, I’m not sure how good a job it does between languages neither of which are English.

    I still cannot get over how awesome your site is. I am impressed! Congratulations!



    Thank you Kenneth for good words! I want to increase top bar and footer to dispay width, but it seems with Graphene it is not possible yet!?

    Please advice how to change the position of the gtrans below social buttons on the top bar and if it is possible to see only the language flag?



    Kenneth John Odle


    You can always change the width of anything just by targeting it in your child theme’s css:

    #top-bar, #footer {width: 100%;}

    but you have to be careful because everybody has a different size monitor. So it may look great on your monitor, but if someone else has a more narrow monitor, it will appear squeezed together, and if their monitor is wider, it will appear spaced too far apart.



    This not work for me. On the footer if I put width:120% it is increase size only on the right. For top bar nothing was changed?!

    Happy New Year 2012!



    Kenneth John Odle


    You can’t make something wider than the container it is in, so you’re right, those items will not become wider than their container, which is 960px wide. I think I saw a workaround to this somewhere in this forum before, but don’t remember where.

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