How to create a child theme

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    does anyone know how I can create a child theme?




    Kenneth John Odle




    Thanks for your quick reply Kenneth. I will do as mentionned in your link. The weird thing tough, is that I don’t even see the parent theme in my Theme file (in file manager). Funny enough I see the twentyeleven and twentytwelve files…


    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress root >> wp-content >> themes

    You should see Graphene there. If not, it may be because your host does things strangely, but that is difficult to say.



    4.Add your custom CSS directly under the line that says /* Your modification goes here */.

    Important: do not copy the entire style from the theme’s style.css file. Doing so will break a lot of things.

    I’m not sure which part of the theme’s style.css file I’m supposed to copy (my modifications)


    Kenneth John Odle


    How do you know what you are trying to modify? Have you installed the Firebug extension for Firefox? It makes figuring out these codes a snap. Here’s a video tutorial from Josh:

    I generally just copy from Firebug and paste into my child theme stylesheet, and strip out any extraneous properties.



    waow I’m happy I posted my question. It looks like a great tool. Thanks again Kenneth ! 🙂




    Hi anyone,

    Am new to all this, I’ve been editing my Graphene parent theme,but now realise it should be done through a child theme.

    I have read lots of forum info…but still doesn’t sink in!

    I created a child theme through the template online from Prasanna SP,this went ok.

    It ‘s in my themes folder,and I activated it.

    I’m not sure what do do next,I looked into my digitalpacific host’s w/p content folder and there is a graphene child.

    But I can’t change anything through my graphene options in graphene child theme.

    Some of my images in front slider have changed size,but I can fix this if I can use the options in child …but to no avail.

    I’m sure I have done something wrong,but what?


    Theme Name: Graphene Child

    Theme URI:

    Description: Child theme for the Graphene theme

    Author: Denise

    Author URI:

    Template: graphene

    Version: 1.0


    @import url(“../graphene/style.css”);

    /* Your modification goes here */

    Thankyou in anticipation.



    Kenneth John Odle



    As this is a different question, please feel free to create a new thread with your question.

    Be sure to activate your child theme in the themes panel.

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