How to control "IN THIS SECTION" menu in the widget area in V2?

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    How can I change the sequence of the items in “IN THIS SECTION” menu in the widget area?

    And also how can I get rid of this menu at all if I want to?

    Thank you.


    Syahir Hakim


    That widget follows the page order in WordPress. There are a few ways to rearrange them. See this page to read about the available options:

    To disable that feature, go to Customizer > Graphene: General > Child Pages > Disable contextual navigation in the sidebar.



    Great, thank you! It would be much easier if wiki was updated to V2 because some new features are not so obvious.

    I also noticed that contextual navigation widget has that nice V1-style dark background, but all other widgets headers default to light background. Is there a way to change to dark rounded top corners header background for other widgets?


    Syahir Hakim


    We’ll get there with the documentation eventually. At the moment we are focusing on developing new features first.

    The contextual navigation is using Bootstrap panels markup. It is different than the other widgets precisely to give it prominence for intuitive user experience for the visitors. If the other widgets use the same markup, the contextual navigation will get lost among all the other widgets.



    I only wanted the web site to look as close as possible to Graphene V1 where we had that nice prominence for the widget headers, and now it is taken away. I hope there will be a way to give the administrator a chance to choose the header background color and shape appropriate for their color scheme and different from the rest of the widget.

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