How to change the size of menu items?

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    I wish I could change the width of the menu items so that they occupy all the space in the menu bar (in my case, divide the menu bar to get 5 items of equal size)

    These items have no defined size because they fit the content, so I struggled to find the parameter to change.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you very much


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try something like this in custom CSS:

    #header-menu > li {
    width: 20%;



    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for your answer but it works, but only i I put the code in the custom CSS in Graphene Options, in the style.css of my child theme, it doesn’t work…

    Can you explain me why?

    Thanks again for your time.



    If you are going put this in child theme style sheet, try adding !important.

    #header-menu > li {
    width: 20% !important;

    Clear your browser cache after adding this. So that your browser will not use cached style sheet.

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