How to change the order of the pages on homescreen

  • jacob44


    Hello everyone. Can someone please share with me on how to change the order of my pages on the home screen. I want to move the “privacy” tab to the end. Not sure how to do so.

    Thanks in advance,




    By default (without using a custom menu), page titles are sorted alphabetically. If you look at your page titles, they are in alphabetical order.

    You want to create a custom menu. Go to your admin panel -> appearance -> menus.

    Here, you want to create a new custom menu. Drag your posts/pages/categories into your newly created menu. Once done, be sure to assign your new menu to the “Header Menu”.




    Thanks, I am able to add the new menu. However, I have a parent page and three pages under the parent pages. How do I get those 3 pages to show only when one hover over that page instead of all 3 pages showing as individual tabs on my site.




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