How to change the default theme page?

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    I want to change the theme default page (i.e. one column, one sidebar) to full page/one column only. How can I do this?


    Jan Willem

    NB I want this to be able to automatically upload photo’s, were my plugin will v=create a default theme page not being the one I want…



    Go to Graphene Options –> Display –> Column Display Options and select One Column – No Sidebars layout.



    So easy…. thanks. But it does not cut the cake for what i want… I want the opening page to be a one column with sidebar right. but default one column only so my gallery pages created by uploading pictures are clutterfree. I can not choose the option of “one column with sidebar” in the page templates…

    the options one column with eiter left or right side bar are missing in the drowdown for templates….

    Jan Willem



    Since you are using static front page, you can select two columns, sidebar on right template for homepage. Go to Pages and Quick Edit static front page. Then select Two columns, sidebar on right template. Two columns means one column is content and another is sidebar. There is no one column with right sidebar layout.



    You sometimes must be laughing your socks off about all these stupid users… how are they to survive in real life? Sorry to have bothered you with what now appears to be such a silly question; but my logic added the columns up: so two columns, right side bar is 3 blocks… not two…anyway my problem is solved… thank you for your patience.

    Jan Willem

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