How to change the custom WordPress from showing when comments mails is sent to email for moderation

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    Hi,I appreciate quick responses gotten to resolved some problems so far encounter.You guys have so far be helpful.

    How do i change the WordPress that display when i received comments to moderate on my site. example, in my email: from section show-WordPress, while the next text is the subject

    [Love Foundation Christian Center] Please moderate: “Couples Fellowship”

    9:30 PM6KB

    So HOW can I change the WordPress to my preferred name


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you talking about in the subject of the email or in the body?



    what i am talking about is the FROM. Email has FROM and SUBJECT, I don’t want the default wordpress to appear in my From column instead the name I choose. Hope the question is clear enough,hoping to hear from you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not quite sure why this is an issue, although I imagine it might be confusing for some clients who aren’t that familiar with the web in general, or blogging in particular.

    This is actually a WordPress function, not a theme function; hence the “From:” is “WordPress” not the theme or even an option set in the theme.

    Looking around on the WP Codex gives me two quick potential solutions.

    This one involves using a plugin:

    This one involves using a child theme and adding code to the functions.php file:

    My thought is that if you are doing this for a client, the second method is probably the better, as it is one less thing to break down the road (plugins become orphans almost daily). The disadvantage is that you have to create a child theme and know enough PHP to configure the custom function.

    You can always add this as a feature request to WordPress. I believe the correct page is this one:

    but I could be wrong.



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