How to change the color of "older items"

  • Ric213



    I would like to change the color of a small detail, the “older items” or “articles” at the bottom of the page.

    I have tried via the graphene options, but impossible to find this little detail.

    Could you help me please

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure which area you are talking about. Can you give a bit more detail? What words should I be looking for?



    When you are in a page of a category, for example here “Actualites”, at the end of the articles, there is a small text “articles plus anciens” in grey, to get to the next page.

    This is this button “articles plus anciens” that I would like to change of color.

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    Add this to your custom CSS or child theme stylesheet:

    .previous, .previous a, .previous a:visited, .next-post, .next-post a, .next-post a:visited, .parent-return {
    color: #ffffff;

    Change “ffffff” to whatever hex color value suits you.



    I tried but the color didn’t change…

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