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    and thank you for this very nice theme.

    The only things i’d like to change are :

    1) the header : I would like to keep the one of twenty ten theme

    2) the color in the background of the post and sidebar, it’s light-grey now and I would like it to be white everywhere (and add a frame to the posts to separate them).

    I think it should be possible in the custom css but I don’t know exactly how to do that, could you please give me some clues?

    Thank you very much.





    1. You can save the image from the 2010 theme on your computer. Then upload it as a header in the admin appearance header area. You might have to adjust it’s size to match the dimensions of your header area on your site.

    2. This has been covered numerous times in the forum. Please try a search on this topic, and research it from what you can find. Post back if you have any questions along the way, or need help finding the threads.




    for 2.

    Go to Apperance/Graphene Options/Display/color options (expand), everything you need is there…



    that’s perfect thank you very much for your help


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