how to change color of selected text on menu bar under header ?

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    Where do I go or what section is it called that can let me change the color on my main menu when an iteam is selected? Right now it appears black. How can I change it? My site is Thank you

    Iv tried putting color codes in random sections to figure it out but it stays the same, black color?



    Anyone please help



    Appearance >graphene options> colors >primary menu >hover and active state>menu item?



    nothing happened i picked green and it stayed the same



    youre right


    Appearance >graphene options> colors >primary menu >hover and active state>top background

    instead of selecting from the colour chart type #00ff00


    what happens?



    YES~!!!!!! :))))) ! Thank you soo much !, I have two quick questions, 1. I changed a bunch of colors trying to figure what you just told me out, how come I cant see what other color options iv changed in effect if I have changed alot of them?

    2. How come it shows my menu, even though some tabs I havent added to my menu?… it shows all my pages as my primary menu it does not show the menu of my choice with drop down functions?



    1) I dont know – you’ll just have to experiment

    2) how did you set them as drop down items

    – did you drag offset them to the right when making the menus?

    Ive only been here just over 24 hours!



    hahahaha. yea I offset them when I made my menu, for some reason it ignores that and displays my pages not my set up menus



    ah that might be easy

    menus >theme locations(top left)>header menu

    have you set the active menu?




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