How to center image in Nextgen gallery

  • Olivier Boels



    I’m trying to center the image in the nextgen gallery but so far no luck:

    I have been searching in support and forums and fund out that lots of people have this problem!

    The other thing I would like to do is to align the prev and next button.

    My last question is to know if it is possible to have a filmstrip under the image with Nextgen gallery with graphene theme?

    Thanks for what ever help you could provide me?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Have you tried adding

    .ngg-imagebrowser {
    text-align: center;

    to your child theme style sheet or to Graphene’s custom CSS?

    This code works in Firebug:

    Olivier Boels


    Hello Kenneth,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I did what you said and it worked. I’m sorry if it must seems pretty obvious for you but I have to confess that i’m a newcomer to this univers!

    However there is something I really would like to know is why in the gallery Raissa for exemple , the gallery appears the way it is and in “Santuario nao se move” it appears in a different way. it is the same nextgen gallery.

    I didn’t do anything different when I created the gallery!

    My goal is actually closer to the ” Santuario nao se move” than the other. I would like to have the navigator button the way it is on this gallery and the thumbnails under the main image. I don’t understand being the same plug-in why it appears different. One with thumbnails and the other galleries are without. Note that there isn’t any option in the gallery options (nextgen) to set this kind of preferences( thumnails).

    The other thing is that the navigation button in ” Santuario nao se move ” are align when the other galleries aren’t( one above the other).

    It is a simple website and the portfolio gallery is almost the last thing I want to do before feeding any further this gallery. What ever help will be fantastic. thank you so much!


    Kenneth John Odle

    I’m sorry if it must seems pretty obvious for you but I have to confess that i’m a newcomer to this univers!

    Use the Firebug addon for Firefox. It will flatten out your learning curve considerably.

    Olivier Boels


    Hello Kenneth,

    I actually have the firebug installed, I understand how to find the code but don’t get how from that you manage to discover how to write for example custom code when you don’t know which word or sign to use to correct thing? I tried to find tutorial to get some help with that but never found one that tells you how to do the custom code or when do you have to change code directly in the editor’s plug-in or if you have to create theses custom codes. Would you have a link of a tutorial that could help me with this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Sure. I would start with the resources listed here:

    The resources listed there are where most of us got our start.

    You can also try things out in html and css on your local machine to try out different effects. It’s the best way to learn, really.

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