How to Center Align or Pad Text in Hamburger Dropdown Menu

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    I would like to know how to center align or add padding to the text for menu options on the main menu hamburger dropdown (the hamburger menu icon appears when the site is accessed on a mobile device or when a window is narrowed to a certain point on a desktop or laptop).

    Currently, when a user clicks on the hamburger dropdown menu icon, the text for menu items is to the far left of the screen display (no padding at all). If “Full width” is selected for Columns Layout (Graphene: Display > Columns Layout > Full width), the dropdown text doesn’t display completely (the text is too far left and letters get cut off).

    I notice that on this Graphene forum site, the menu items “Home,” “Register,” and “Contact Us” are appropriately padded when displayed as a dropdown menu. I would like my menu items to have a similar amount of padding or else be center aligned.

    A solution to this display issue would be greatly appreciated.

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