How to add View Cart button in top bar?

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    I have created a View Cart button in paypal and i want to place it in the top bar just left to the search box. I have the paypal button code and i also have a child theme. What is the code to insert the button in the top bar which i should write in my child theme.


    Vaibhav Bathla



    Go to Graphene Options –> Advanced –> Action Hooks Widget Areas and select graphene_top_search hook in header.php. Then go to widget settings and add a text widget to graphene_top_search, and paste your paypal button code there.



    Hi Prasanna

    Thanks for your help. It worked, i added my code in graphene_top_bar and i used <div align=”right”> tag to align it to right side but how can i align it vertically using div tag. I tried valign=”bottom” in div tag but it didn’t worked. I saw your website also, can you please tell me how to have two posts side by side as you have on your homepage instead of list type view.


    Vaibhav Bathla

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