How to add gallery with thumbs to page or post?

  • raindance



    I want to create articles like this which I guess I would do as separate pages?

    How can I add a thumbnail gallery/image gallery like this?

    My site is




    And is it better to do them as pages or posts? I would think pages…?


    Kenneth John Odle


    There are probably any number of plugins that would accomplish this. Check the WordPress plugin directory

    And is it better to do them as pages or posts? I would think pages…?

    Posts. Definitely. This information has a limited lifespan. Therefore, a post.




    Ok, I’ll dig around. I thought that perhaps I saw some conversation in other posts that some of those plugins have conflicts with the home page slider or something like that but I may have misunderstood. It seems a lot of people use the next gen one.



    So far not finding anything that fits.

    Any ideas anyone?

    I’m going to want to be able to create hundreds of articles with this format. I see it as a group of posts I guess, maybe all assigned to one page, the main page? But each one would need to have the thumb carousel on it showing the correct post its on. I’m sure there is the perfect plug in out there for it but I’m not finding it yet.

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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