How to add advertisements here? (picture included)

  • cuppy90


    Since nobody answer me, I repost this problem,

    Syahir please respond back 🙁

    1) Hello, please let me know how to add advertisements to the place that i mentioned in this picture


    2) how to add ads banner on above post title when post is open, not on homepage, like this

    If can, please provide me the plug-in that can help me on this..

    Anyway, thanks for the great theme..

    p/s : For the first (1) problem was already solved, and now for the second problem (2), I need to add banner on above post title ONLY when post opened. Not on hompage. I know that I need to edit the single.php, but i dont know how to edit the single.php in the graphene themes since the code need me to create new loop-single.php. When i tried to test editing using FIREBUG on loop.php, the ads also viewed on the homepage.Help me pls.



    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : This is my link




    Please, stop these posts about commercial advertisment.

    And read the license terms:

    I hope You understand, this can bring others in conflict with these license terms.

    And From My Point Of View the most important of all: The author’s moral rights;


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