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  • zuzukela


    hi, I want to separate and number pages. I try plugin “wp page number”, but cant appear page number. someone help me. I want to number as pages as posts.



    Uninstall the “wp page number” plugin, and instead install this one:

    Graphene is pre-built to support the “wp-pagenavi” plugin.

    If you have further trouble, post back here and we’ll help you get it figured out.




    Hi, Josh, I’m trying that plugin too,but result fails. I’m using wordpress 3.2.1 and graphene last version. and that plugin is up to 3.1.4. Can it’s reason?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please post a URL to the site in question. Thanks!



    this is my site



    @ zuzukela,

    Most page navigation plugins will not display anything if there is only one “page”. Usually, the option is set to five articles before the next page will be used.

    If you have fewer than five articles… the page navigation, by default, will not be displayed… since there is only one page.

    As you add more articles… you should then see the navigation links.


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