How do I show content in a sidebar?

  • Kyle


    First of all, let me say I really love using the Graphene Theme!

    My title may be a bit over simplified, and it may also be more of a general WordPress question but here goes.

    I run an online 80’s radio station. The software that I use has a function that generates a page with recently played/and playing now info that updates with links and images on a regular basis. That page is up and functional on my server, and I know the URL for it etc. The idea is to show the fresh information that is constantly updated on that page on the side bar of my index page. Is there a way I can display part of that page in a widget in a side bar?

    Thanks for your time.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If it’s ordinary HTML page, you can include via an <iframe>–ugly, clunky, and not necessarily good for performance, but it should work.

    It it’s built in PHP, you can use an include statement in a PHP widget, depending on how your server is configured.

    Of course, a lot depends on the software that page is using. If it’s just javascript you could drop that directly into a text widget.

    It’s difficult to be more precise without:

    * A link to the page in question

    * Knowing what software you are talking about

    * Seeing what that software is outputting.

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