How do I revert to 1.9.1?

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    I love (now loved?) Graphene. But the update to 1.9.2 has knocked out my mTouch Quiz plugin ( )… things no longer display properly. It use to work just fine with Graphene 1.9.1 … so I want to go back to that. How does one revert to an earlier version of the theme? Alternatively, I would love to stay current with Graphene, but “fix” whatever in Graphene 1.9.2 made mTouch Quiz plugin display improperly. My website is . I am currently using a different theme so that my students can still do the online quizzes. You can see a quiz (properly displayed since I am not using Graphene) right now at . But I want Graphene back… either 1.9.1 or 1.9.2 “fixed”. Please help if you can.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can do that via FTP.



    What about my settings for Graphene? I tried to install 1.9.1 from a zip file, but was told the folder was already in use (for 1.9.2, I believe). So… I’m still at a loss.


    Kenneth John Odle


    FTP to your themes folder.

    Rename the current Graphene folder to something else (“graphene912”, e.g.)

    Upload the 1.9.1 Graphene folder to your theme folder. Make sure you are using the inner folder that is simply named “graphene”.



    Kenneth John Odle… THANK YOU! I have Graphene 1.9.1 installed again, and the mTouch Quiz plugin is working properly again.

    I’m hoping to be able to keep Graphene up to date, but this workaround is operational… which I need since students are doing the online assignments using the mTouch Quiz plugin.

    I am still curious why 1.9.2 messes up the mTouch Quiz plugin, but I will investigate that. Hopefully I can figure it out and return to using the most current version of Graphene.



    Ugh. I did hear back from the plugin author, but his suggestion was to buy a theme he recommended… which would set me back about $60. SO… I’m not going that route.

    I looked at the change log for 1.9.2, and I have no idea what might have knocked mTouch Quiz plugin out.

    THIS IS NOW A LOW PRIORITY, but any thoughts about how I can use the Graphene 1.9.2 with mTouch Quiz plugin? Any thoughts about what might have been changed in Graphene 1.9.2 that made the appearance of the plugin to be distorted?

    Here are some pics that might help people smarter than me figure out what is going on.

    Here is what it is suppose to look like and does look like on Graphene 1.9.1:


    Here is what Graphene 1.9.2 does to the same quiz:


    Any help would be appreciated, but this is now a low priority since I did successfully put Graphene 1.9.1 back on my site. (Thanks again, Kenneth John Odle.)

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