How do I rearrange my pages?

  • laurakaz


    Every time I add a new page, it is automatically added to the beginning of my list of pages (and therefore the beginning of the navigation buttons). How do I rearrange the pages? There used to be a box on the right-hand side of the screen when I opened up a page to edit it where I could simply tell it which number I wanted it to be; however, that has disappeared. Any idea how I can get that back?



    Use custom menus

    Click on Screen Options in top right corner of page editor. Check everything there. The options to set page order is in Page Attributes, I think..



    Okay, I got the pages to rearrange in a Custom Menu and I chose Header Menu under Theme. Looks just I want it to! I still don’t have the “Page Attributes” box, but for now that’s okay. Thanks for your help.

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