How do I put my facebook like button in the footer of my website?

  • ianizaguirre


    I tried to do it yesterday. I went to my themes functions Php. thinking it was there and put the code then got the white screen of death so I had to fix it in File Zilla lol. I am guessing then its a code I have to put in my child theme ?

    Thank you for all of your help


    Kenneth John Odle


    You shouldn’t edit theme files precisely because of this.

    You can actually add that code to a Graphene action hook widget area.



    How do I place the code there so it appears in the footer? I just copy and paste [fb_button] and place it where? when I open the action hooks for the footer all I see is








    I don’t see a place to put the code?




    look at my page how can I fix the words and the like button being so spaced in the footer. I want it one on top of the other ? Thank you for your help



    I want to center it , but how ? and put it on top of the creative common license?

    Prasanna SP


    There is a blank widget above the Like me on.. (#text-3) widget. Remove it. Then add this to Custom CSS.

    #fcbk_share {
    margin-left: 340px !important;
    position: absolute;



    thank you so much! …. is there any way to move the title to the right and the like button so it is centered completely in reference to the entire page? If not its ok , thank you soo much for all of your help

    Prasanna SP

    #text-2 h3 {
    margin-left: 300px;
    #text-2 {
    margin-left: 100px !important;



    Awesome thank you so much

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