How do I make the post a full page post so it looks the same as pages?

  • blackcrow64


    Just wondering if there is a way to make the posts full page, ie. without the meta box and archive boxes?




    So Ive Figured out how to remove the meta box and archive boxes, I edited the sidebar.php.

    but how do I make the post full width now? It is around 2/3 the way across the width, If any one has any Idea’s on how to extend the post width it would be much appreciated




    Well, I’m only a novice myself but if I understand you correctly, you would like one of your posts to display full page and not with the side bar…

    When you go to the “edit page” option you should see on the right hand side, something called “Page Attributes” below this is a drop down menu which will say something like “default” just look at the options in the drop down list and “full page” should be in there along with all of the other page options for this theme.

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