How do I insert the "read more" link to home blog page

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    Hi, I having been asking questions and getting answers, thanks all. I am using graphene theme and at my home page of my blog, all my blog content will display but i want it to break showing the “continue reading” or “read more” link.How do I put the read more link so that when click on, readers will be redirected to the full page to read all the articles there.



    I believe you are simply looking for the “read more” button located in the editor.

    When you are creating your post/page, choose the location where you would like the “break” to occur, and click the “read more” button in the editor. If you don’t know which button it is, you can mouse over each one looking at it’s popup tooltip.

    Once you’ve clicked the button, you will notice a code that looks like this:

    <!-- read more -->

    Now, save, and view your home page. You should see the content up to the point where you inserted the read more link.



    Thanks, I never know its there and i have been overlooking it before.

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