How do I insert a youtube video?

  • Anonymous


    I tried clicking on the add media button and did the “insert URL” and all it does is insert a hyperlink. I also tried pasting the youtube URL into the text editor on a page and it just shows up as a non link???

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks, Joe


    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress natively supports oEmbeds for YouTube:

    Moved to Support.



    That’s what I did but it did not work. I did figure it out though, it needs to be the youtube “Old Embed”


    Kenneth John Odle


    What is that?

    Are you using visual editor or text editor?



    Using the text editor I put in the url from youtube and after saving and looking at the website the link just appears as text. I am able to get it to work with the old embed so I am ok for now

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